Tuesday, 15 September 2015

More Technology

We made amazing dioramas on all sorts of themes from 'under the sea', deserts, icy landscapes, cityscapes, dinosaurs, wild animals and we showed them on 'Games Day'. People had to pay a token at the door to view our work.


We were so lucky to have Anna come in with arms full of flax leaves to show us how to do some simple flax weaving. It was easier for some children than others and Keana was an expert and a great help. Here are some photos of the experience.


As part of our topic study we made some boxes that can be used as money boxes. We had to decorate the shape, glue the paper template on to card, cut it out, fold it to make the money box and lastly it was fitted together and glued using the glue gun. We hope we can collect lots of coins in our money boxes to buy something special!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Eric Carle Art Workshop

The Junior Syndicate had a trip to the Nelson Library to meet with Esther, the Suter Art Educator. First we heard about Eric Carle and his art. He was the one that wrote and illustrated "The Hungry Caterpillar" and likes to use collage and bright colours for his animal pictures, like purple foxes, blue horses and brightly coloured spotted donkeys.
All children were able to choose and decorate 4 pieces of tissue paper to use for their own collage animal pictures. It was a fun experience enjoyed by all.
Thank you to the kind parents who provided transport and helped with groups on the day.
The children's work is on display in the hall.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Fun and Learning with our Room 10 Buddies

Once a week we meet with our Senior Buddies. We have been doing some Buddy Reading and also Sign Language. One day our buddies taught us how to sign our names using the sign language alphabet. We went outside on a sunny day and found some comfy places to learn!